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Plan_Launcher_Impl.h File Reference

#include "Plan_Launcher_Impl_Export.h"
#include "ciao/DeploymentS.h"
#include "ciao/CIAO_common.h"
#include "ExecutionManager/DAM_Map.h"
#include "ExecutionManager/ExecutionManagerC.h"

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namespace  CIAO
namespace  CIAO::Plan_Launcher


class  CIAO::Plan_Launcher::Plan_Launcher_i
 This class launches and manages deployment plans. More...
class  CIAO::Plan_Launcher::Plan_Launcher_i::Deployment_Failure

Detailed Description

Plan_Launcher_Impl.h,v 1.3 2005/09/13 15:07:13 wotte Exp

Will Otte <>
Contains the Plan_Launcher_i class, which can be used by applications to launch component assemblies.
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