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NodeManager_Impl.h File Reference

#include "NodeManagerS.h"
#include "NAM_Map.h"

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namespace  CIAO


class  CIAO::NodeManager_Impl_Base
class  CIAO::NodeManager_Impl
 Servant implementation CIAO's daemon process control interface. More...
class  CIAO::Static_NodeManager_Impl

Detailed Description

NodeManager_Impl.h,v 1.7 2005/11/11 23:51:41 dengg Exp

This file contains servant implementation for Deployment:NodeManager interface. In the current design of the NodeManager, as with the legacy implementation of CIAO, Each NodeManager corresponds to ONE NodeApplication Manager. Though, the name intuitively suggests that there be one NodeManager for every node, our design, allows the end-user to have multiple components run on the same node.

Arvind S. Krishna <>

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