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Tagged_Components.h File Reference

#include "tao/IOP_IORC.h"
#include "tao/CONV_FRAMEC.h"

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class  TAO_Tagged_Components
 The policy manager implementation. More...


const CORBA::ULong TAO_TAG_ENDPOINTS = 0x54414f02U
 Tag for storing multiple endpoints within a single profile.

Detailed Description

Tagged_Components.h,v 1.17 2005/11/02 11:03:27 ossama Exp

Carlos O'Ryan (

Variable Documentation

const CORBA::ULong TAO_TAG_ENDPOINTS = 0x54414f02U [static]

Tag for storing multiple endpoints within a single profile.

This is TAO-specific, and is mostly used by TAO's RTCORBA support. The standard TAG_ALTERNATE_IIOP_ADDRESSES tagged component is the portable alternative.

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