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Log_Priority.h File Reference

#include "ace/config-lite.h"

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enum  ACE_Log_Priority {
  LM_SHUTDOWN = 01, LM_TRACE = 02, LM_DEBUG = 04, LM_INFO = 010,
  LM_NOTICE = 020, LM_WARNING = 040, LM_STARTUP = 0100, LM_ERROR = 0200,
 This data type indicates the relative priorities of the logging messages, from lowest to highest priority. More...

Detailed Description

Log_Priority.h,v 4.19 2005/10/28 16:14:53 ossama Exp

Douglas C. Schmidt <>

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ACE_Log_Priority

This data type indicates the relative priorities of the logging messages, from lowest to highest priority.

These values are defined using powers of two so that it's possible to form a mask to turn them on or off dynamically. We only use 12 bits, however, so users are free to use the remaining 19 bits to define their own priority masks.

Enumeration values:
LM_SHUTDOWN  Shutdown the logger (decimal 1).
LM_TRACE  Messages indicating function-calling sequence (decimal 2).
LM_DEBUG  Messages that contain information normally of use only when debugging a program (decimal 4).
LM_INFO  Informational messages (decimal 8).
LM_NOTICE  Conditions that are not error conditions, but that may require special handling (decimal 16).
LM_WARNING  Warning messages (decimal 32).
LM_STARTUP  Initialize the logger (decimal 64).
LM_ERROR  Error messages (decimal 128).
LM_CRITICAL  Critical conditions, such as hard device errors (decimal 256).
LM_ALERT  A condition that should be corrected immediately, such as a corrupted system database (decimal 512).
LM_EMERGENCY  A panic condition. This is normally broadcast to all users (decimal 1024).
LM_MAX  The maximum logging priority.
LM_ENSURE_32_BITS  Do not use!! This enum value ensures that the underlying integral type for this enum is at least 32 bits.

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