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TAO::SL3::PolicyFactory Class Reference

#include <SL3_PolicyFactory.h>

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Public Member Functions

Methods Required by the PolicyFactory Interface
These are methods that must be implemented since they are pure virtual in the abstract base class. They are the canonical methods required for all PolicyFactory sub-classes.

virtual CORBA::Policy_ptr create_policy (CORBA::PolicyType type, const CORBA::Any &value ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL) throw (CORBA::SystemException, CORBA::PolicyError)
 Construct a Test::Policy object as a test.

Member Function Documentation

CORBA::Policy_ptr TAO::SL3::PolicyFactory::create_policy CORBA::PolicyType  type,
const CORBA::Any &value  ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL
throw (CORBA::SystemException, CORBA::PolicyError) [virtual]

Construct a Test::Policy object as a test.

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