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CSI_Utils.h File Reference

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namespace  IOP
namespace  CSI
namespace  TAO
namespace  TAO::CSI_Utils


void create_sas_service_context (const CSI::SASContextBody &sas_context, IOP::ServiceContext &sc)
 Populate given IOP::ServiceContext with given CSI::SASContextBody.
bool extract_sas_service_context (const IOP::ServiceContext &sc, CSI::SASContextBody &sas_context)
 Extract CSI::SASContextBody from given IOP::ServiceContext.

Detailed Description

CSI_Utils.h,v 1.3 2004/07/27 06:09:59 jwillemsen Exp

Ossama Othman <>

Function Documentation

void TAO::CSI_Utils::create_sas_service_context const CSI::SASContextBody &  sas_context,
IOP::ServiceContext sc

Populate given IOP::ServiceContext with given CSI::SASContextBody.

bool TAO::CSI_Utils::extract_sas_service_context const IOP::ServiceContext sc,
CSI::SASContextBody &  sas_context

Extract CSI::SASContextBody from given IOP::ServiceContext.

Success == true, Failure == false.

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