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ImR_Forwarder Class Reference

Implementation Repository Forwarder. More...

#include <Forwarder.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ImR_Forwarder (ImR_Locator_i &imr_impl)
virtual PortableServer::Servant preinvoke (const PortableServer::ObjectId &oid, PortableServer::POA_ptr poa, const char *operation, PortableServer::ServantLocator::Cookie &cookie ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL) throw (CORBA::SystemException, PortableServer::ForwardRequest)
 Called before the invocation begins.
virtual void postinvoke (const PortableServer::ObjectId &oid, PortableServer::POA_ptr adapter, const char *operation, PortableServer::ServantLocator::Cookie the_cookie, PortableServer::Servant the_servant ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL_WITH_DEFAULTS) throw (CORBA::SystemException)
void init (CORBA::ORB_ptr orb ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL)

Private Attributes

 Where we find out where to forward to.
PortableServer::Current_var poa_current_var_
 POA reference.
CORBA::ORB_ptr orb_
 Variable to save the ORB reference passed to the constr.

Detailed Description

Implementation Repository Forwarder.

This class provides a ServantLocator implementation that is used to handle arbitrary calls and forward them to the correct place.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ImR_Forwarder::ImR_Forwarder ImR_Locator_i imr_impl  ) 

This constructor takes in orb and ImR_Locator_i pointers to store for later use. It also grabs a reference to the POACurrent object for use in preinvoke.

Member Function Documentation

void ImR_Forwarder::init CORBA::ORB_ptr orb  ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL  ) 

virtual void ImR_Forwarder::postinvoke const PortableServer::ObjectId oid,
PortableServer::POA_ptr  adapter,
const char *  operation,
PortableServer::ServantLocator::Cookie  the_cookie,
PortableServer::Servant the_servant  ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL_WITH_DEFAULTS
throw (CORBA::SystemException) [virtual]

virtual PortableServer::Servant ImR_Forwarder::preinvoke const PortableServer::ObjectId oid,
PortableServer::POA_ptr  poa,
const char *  operation,
PortableServer::ServantLocator::Cookie &cookie  ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL
throw (CORBA::SystemException, PortableServer::ForwardRequest) [virtual]

Called before the invocation begins.

Member Data Documentation

ImR_Locator_i& ImR_Forwarder::locator_ [private]

Where we find out where to forward to.

CORBA::ORB_ptr ImR_Forwarder::orb_ [private]

Variable to save the ORB reference passed to the constr.

PortableServer::Current_var ImR_Forwarder::poa_current_var_ [private]

POA reference.

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