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ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer_Guard Class Reference

"Guard" that ensures lexer buffer switching is exception-safe. More...

#include <Svc_Conf_Lexer_Guard.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer_Guard (ACE_Svc_Conf_Param *param)
 ~ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer_Guard (void)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

"Guard" that ensures lexer buffer switching is exception-safe.

Buffers are switched, if necessary, each time a token is parsed/scanned. The buffer switching must be synchronized externally. This class performs no synchronization.

Note that allocation/deallocation is done once during the processing of a service configurator directive. Memory managements is done at a higher level, not in this class. This is necessary to prevent an allocation/deallocation from occurring when parsing/scanning each token.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer_Guard::ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer_Guard ACE_Svc_Conf_Param param  ) 


Switches buffers, if necessary, when token scanning first begins. Allocation of the buffer will also occur if one has not already been allocated. This operation effectively pushes a buffer on to a stack.

ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer_Guard::~ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer_Guard void   ) 


Switches buffers, if necessary when token scanning completes. No buffer deallocation occurs here. Buffers are deallocated when parsing of the entire directive is done, not when scanning of a single token is done. This operation effective pops a buffer off of a stack.

Member Data Documentation

ace_yy_buffer_state* ACE_Svc_Conf_Lexer_Guard::buffer_ [private]

Lexer buffer that corresponds to the current Service Configurator file/direct scan.

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