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ACE_OS::ace_flock_t Class Reference

OS file locking structure. More...

#include <OS_NS_stdio.h>

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Public Member Functions

void dump (void) const
 Dump state of the object.

Public Attributes

ACE_OVERLAPPED overlapped_
const ACE_TCHARlockname_
 Name of this filelock.
ACE_HANDLE handle_
 Handle to the underlying file.

Detailed Description

OS file locking structure.

Member Function Documentation

void ACE_OS::ace_flock_t::dump void   )  const

Dump state of the object.

Member Data Documentation

ACE_HANDLE ACE_OS::ace_flock_t::handle_

Handle to the underlying file.

const ACE_TCHAR* ACE_OS::ace_flock_t::lockname_

Name of this filelock.

ACE_OVERLAPPED ACE_OS::ace_flock_t::overlapped_

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