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ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node Class Reference

For maintaining a list of ACE_Cleanup_Info items. More...

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node (void)
 ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node (const ACE_Cleanup_Info &new_info, ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node *next)
 ~ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node (void)
ACE_Cleanup_Info_Nodeinsert (const ACE_Cleanup_Info &)

Private Attributes

ACE_Cleanup_Info cleanup_info_


class ACE_OS_Exit_Info

Detailed Description

For maintaining a list of ACE_Cleanup_Info items.

For internal use by ACE_Object_Manager.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node::ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node void   ) 

ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node::ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node const ACE_Cleanup_Info new_info,
ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node next

ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node::~ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node * ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node::insert const ACE_Cleanup_Info  ) 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ACE_OS_Exit_Info [friend]

Member Data Documentation

ACE_Cleanup_Info ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node::cleanup_info_ [private]

ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node* ACE_Cleanup_Info_Node::next_ [private]

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