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Lib_Find.h File Reference

#include "ace/config-all.h"
#include "ace/ACE_export.h"
#include "ace/os_include/os_stdio.h"

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namespace  ACE


ACE_Export int ldfind (const ACE_TCHAR *filename, ACE_TCHAR pathname[], size_t maxpathnamelen)
ACE_Export FILE * ldopen (const ACE_TCHAR *filename, const ACE_TCHAR *type)
ACE_Export ACE_TCHARldname (const ACE_TCHAR *entry_point)
ACE_Export int get_temp_dir (ACE_TCHAR *buffer, size_t buffer_len)
ACE_Export ACE_HANDLE open_temp_file (const ACE_TCHAR *name, int mode, int perm=0)
ACE_Export size_t strrepl (char *s, char search, char replace)
ACE_Export char * strsplit_r (char *s, const char *token, char *&next_start)
ACE_Export size_t strrepl (wchar_t *s, wchar_t search, wchar_t replace)
 As strrepl, but for wide characters.
ACE_Export wchar_t * strsplit_r (wchar_t *s, const wchar_t *token, wchar_t *&next_start)
 As strsplit_r, but for wide characters.

Detailed Description

All the static function calls needed to search and open shared libraries.

Lib_Find.h,v 1.14 2005/01/01 12:15:39 jwillemsen Exp

Priyanka Gontla <>

Function Documentation

int ACE::get_temp_dir ACE_TCHAR buffer,
size_t  buffer_len

Returns the temporary directory including the trailing slash in buffer. Returns -1 for an error or if the buffer_len is not long enough.

int ACE::ldfind const ACE_TCHAR filename,
ACE_TCHAR  pathname[],
size_t  maxpathnamelen

Finds the file filename either using an absolute path or using a relative path in conjunction with ACE_LD_SEARCH_PATH (e.g., $LD_LIBRARY_PATH on UNIX or the directories scaned by Win32 API SearchPath on Win32). This function will add appropriate suffix (e.g., .dll on Win32 or .so on UNIX) according to the OS platform. In addition, this function will apply the appropriate prefix (e.g., "lib" on UNIX and "" on Win32) if the filename doesn't match directly.

ACE_TCHAR * ACE::ldname const ACE_TCHAR entry_point  ) 

Transforms entry_point into a form that can be located in a dynamic library using <dlsym>. For example, with Win32/Borland extern "C" functions which use the default calling convention have a '_' prepended. Always returns a buffer that has been dynamically allocated using <operator new="">.

FILE * ACE::ldopen const ACE_TCHAR filename,
const ACE_TCHAR type

Uses ldfind to locate and open the appropriate filename and returns a pointer to the file, else it returns a NULL pointer. type specifies how the file should be open.

ACE_HANDLE ACE::open_temp_file const ACE_TCHAR name,
int  mode,
int  perm = 0

Opening the temp file. File is automagically unlinked when it is closed. This is useful for have temp files.

size_t ACE::strrepl wchar_t *  s,
wchar_t  search,
wchar_t  replace

As strrepl, but for wide characters.

size_t ACE::strrepl char *  s,
char  search,
char  replace

Replace all instances of search in s with replace. Returns the number of replacements made.

wchar_t * ACE::strsplit_r wchar_t *  s,
const wchar_t *  token,
wchar_t *&  next_start

As strsplit_r, but for wide characters.

char * ACE::strsplit_r char *  s,
const char *  token,
char *&  next_start

Splits string <s> into pieces separated by the string <token>. <next_start> is an opaque cookie handed back by the call to store its state for the next invocation, thus making it re-entrant. This operates very similar to Perl's <split> function except that it returns pieces one at a time instead of into an array.

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