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GIOP::TargetAddress Union Reference

#include <GIOPC.h>

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Public Types

typedef TargetAddress_var _var_type

Public Member Functions

 TargetAddress (void)
 TargetAddress (const TargetAddress &)
 ~TargetAddress (void)
TargetAddressoperator= (const TargetAddress &)
void _d (CORBA::Short)
CORBA::Short _d (void) const
void object_key (const CORBA::OctetSeq &)
const CORBA::OctetSeqobject_key (void) const
CORBA::OctetSeqobject_key (void)
void profile (const IOP::TaggedProfile &)
const IOP::TaggedProfileprofile (void) const
IOP::TaggedProfileprofile (void)
void ior (const ACE_NESTED_CLASS(GIOP, IORAddressingInfo)&)
const ACE_NESTED_CLASS (GIOP, IORAddressingInfo)&ior(void) const
 ACE_NESTED_CLASS (GIOP, IORAddressingInfo)&ior(void)
void _default (void)

Static Public Member Functions

void _tao_any_destructor (void *)

Public Attributes

CORBA::OctetSeq object_key
IOP::TaggedProfile profile
IORAddressingInfo ior

Private Member Functions

void _reset (CORBA::Short, CORBA::Boolean)

Private Attributes

CORBA::Short disc_
CORBA::Short holder_
union {
 ACE_NESTED_CLASS (GIOP, IORAddressingInfo)*ior_
   CORBA::OctetSeq *   object_key_
   IOP::TaggedProfile *   profile_

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef TargetAddress_var GIOP::TargetAddress::_var_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GIOP::TargetAddress::TargetAddress void   ) 

GIOP::TargetAddress::TargetAddress const TargetAddress  ) 

GIOP::TargetAddress::~TargetAddress void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE CORBA::Short GIOP::TargetAddress::_d void   )  const

ACE_INLINE void GIOP::TargetAddress::_d CORBA::Short   ) 

ACE_INLINE void GIOP::TargetAddress::_default void   ) 

void GIOP::TargetAddress::_reset CORBA::Short  ,

void GIOP::TargetAddress::_tao_any_destructor void *   )  [static]


const GIOP::TargetAddress::ACE_NESTED_CLASS GIOP  ,

void GIOP::TargetAddress::ior const ACE_NESTED_CLASS(GIOP, IORAddressingInfo)&   ) 

CORBA::OctetSeq& GIOP::TargetAddress::object_key void   ) 

const CORBA::OctetSeq& GIOP::TargetAddress::object_key void   )  const

void GIOP::TargetAddress::object_key const CORBA::OctetSeq  ) 

TargetAddress& GIOP::TargetAddress::operator= const TargetAddress  ) 

IOP::TaggedProfile& GIOP::TargetAddress::profile void   ) 

const IOP::TaggedProfile& GIOP::TargetAddress::profile void   )  const

void GIOP::TargetAddress::profile const IOP::TaggedProfile  ) 

Member Data Documentation

CORBA::Short GIOP::TargetAddress::disc_ [private]

CORBA::Short GIOP::TargetAddress::holder_ [private]

ACE_INLINE GIOP::IORAddressingInfo & GIOP::TargetAddress::ior

ACE_INLINE CORBA::OctetSeq & GIOP::TargetAddress::object_key

CORBA::OctetSeq* GIOP::TargetAddress::object_key_ [private]

ACE_INLINE IOP::TaggedProfile & GIOP::TargetAddress::profile

IOP::TaggedProfile* GIOP::TargetAddress::profile_ [private]

union { ... } GIOP::TargetAddress::u_ [private]

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