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TimeBase::UtcT Struct Reference

A timestamp in UTC time. More...

#include <TimeBaseC.h>

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef UtcT_var _var_type

Static Public Member Functions

void _tao_any_destructor (void *)

Public Attributes

TimeT time
 The actual time.
unsigned long inacclo
 The lowest bound for innacuracy.
unsigned short inacchi
 The upper bound for the innacuracy.
TdfT tdf
TimeBase::TimeT time
CORBA::ULong inacclo
CORBA::UShort inacchi
TimeBase::TdfT tdf

Detailed Description

A timestamp in UTC time.

The inaccuracy is packed into inacclo & inacchi. tdf holds the time displacement factor.

There are a total of 16 octets in this struct.

What is exactly the range of time here? Is it [time-inacclo,time+inacchi]?

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef UtcT_var TimeBase::UtcT::_var_type

Member Function Documentation

void TimeBase::UtcT::_tao_any_destructor void *   )  [static]

Member Data Documentation

CORBA::UShort TimeBase::UtcT::inacchi

unsigned short TimeBase::UtcT::inacchi

The upper bound for the innacuracy.

CORBA::ULong TimeBase::UtcT::inacclo

unsigned long TimeBase::UtcT::inacclo

The lowest bound for innacuracy.

TimeBase::TdfT TimeBase::UtcT::tdf

TdfT TimeBase::UtcT::tdf

please document

TimeBase::TimeT TimeBase::UtcT::time

TimeT TimeBase::UtcT::time

The actual time.

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