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TAO::Exception_Data Struct Reference

Description of a single exception. More...

#include <Exception_Data.h>

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Public Attributes

const char * id
 Repository id of the exception.
TAO_Exception_Alloc alloc
 The allocator for this exception.
CORBA::TypeCode_ptr tc_ptr
 The typecode pointer for this exception.

Detailed Description

Description of a single exception.

The interpreter needs a way to allocate memory to hold the exception that was raised by the stub. This data structure provides the typecode for the exception as well as a static function pointer that does the job of memory allocation.

Member Data Documentation

TAO_Exception_Alloc TAO::Exception_Data::alloc

The allocator for this exception.

const char* TAO::Exception_Data::id

Repository id of the exception.

CORBA::TypeCode_ptr TAO::Exception_Data::tc_ptr

The typecode pointer for this exception.

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