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TAO_Thread_Lane Class Reference

Class representing the thread lane inside a thread pool. More...

#include <Thread_Pool.h>

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TAO_Thread_Poolpool (void) const
CORBA::ULong id (void) const
CORBA::Short lane_priority (void) const
CORBA::ULong static_threads (void) const
CORBA::ULong dynamic_threads (void) const
CORBA::ULong current_threads (void) const
void current_threads (CORBA::ULong)
CORBA::Short native_priority (void) const
TAO_Thread_Pool_Threadsthreads (void)
TAO_Thread_Lane_Resourcesresources (void)

Public Member Functions

 TAO_Thread_Lane (TAO_Thread_Pool &pool, CORBA::ULong id, CORBA::Short lane_priority, CORBA::ULong static_threads, CORBA::ULong dynamic_threads ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL)
 ~TAO_Thread_Lane (void)
 Open the lane.
void finalize (void)
 Finalize the resources.
void shutdown_reactor (void)
 Shutdown the reactor.
void wait (void)
 Wait for threads to exit.
int is_collocated (const TAO_MProfile &mprofile)
 Does mprofile belong to us?
int create_static_threads (void)
 Create the static threads - only called once.
int create_dynamic_threads (CORBA::ULong number_of_threads)

Private Member Functions

void validate_and_map_priority (ACE_ENV_SINGLE_ARG_DECL)
 Validate lane's priority and map it to a native value.

Private Attributes

CORBA::ULong id_
CORBA::Short lane_priority_
CORBA::ULong static_threads_
CORBA::ULong dynamic_threads_
CORBA::ULong current_threads_
TAO_Thread_Pool_Threads threads_
TAO_RT_New_Leader_Generator new_thread_generator_
TAO_Thread_Lane_Resources resources_
CORBA::Short native_priority_

Detailed Description

Class representing the thread lane inside a thread pool.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Thread_Lane::TAO_Thread_Lane TAO_Thread_Pool pool,
CORBA::ULong  id,
CORBA::Short  lane_priority,
CORBA::ULong  static_threads,
CORBA::ULong dynamic_threads  ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL


TAO_Thread_Lane::~TAO_Thread_Lane void   ) 


Member Function Documentation

int TAO_Thread_Lane::create_dynamic_threads CORBA::ULong  number_of_threads  ) 

Create number_of_threads of dynamic threads. Can be called multiple times.

int TAO_Thread_Lane::create_static_threads void   ) 

Create the static threads - only called once.

void TAO_Thread_Lane::current_threads CORBA::ULong   ) 

CORBA::ULong TAO_Thread_Lane::current_threads void   )  const

CORBA::ULong TAO_Thread_Lane::dynamic_threads void   )  const

void TAO_Thread_Lane::finalize void   ) 

Finalize the resources.

CORBA::ULong TAO_Thread_Lane::id void   )  const

int TAO_Thread_Lane::is_collocated const TAO_MProfile mprofile  ) 

Does mprofile belong to us?

CORBA::Short TAO_Thread_Lane::lane_priority void   )  const

CORBA::Short TAO_Thread_Lane::native_priority void   )  const

void TAO_Thread_Lane::open ACE_ENV_SINGLE_ARG_DECL   ) 

Open the lane.

TAO_Thread_Pool & TAO_Thread_Lane::pool void   )  const

TAO_Thread_Lane_Resources & TAO_Thread_Lane::resources void   ) 

void TAO_Thread_Lane::shutdown_reactor void   ) 

Shutdown the reactor.

CORBA::ULong TAO_Thread_Lane::static_threads void   )  const

TAO_Thread_Pool_Threads & TAO_Thread_Lane::threads void   ) 

void TAO_Thread_Lane::validate_and_map_priority ACE_ENV_SINGLE_ARG_DECL   )  [private]

Validate lane's priority and map it to a native value.

void TAO_Thread_Lane::wait void   ) 

Wait for threads to exit.

Member Data Documentation

CORBA::ULong TAO_Thread_Lane::current_threads_ [private]

CORBA::ULong TAO_Thread_Lane::dynamic_threads_ [private]

CORBA::ULong TAO_Thread_Lane::id_ [private]

CORBA::Short TAO_Thread_Lane::lane_priority_ [private]

CORBA::Short TAO_Thread_Lane::native_priority_ [private]

TAO_RT_New_Leader_Generator TAO_Thread_Lane::new_thread_generator_ [private]

TAO_Thread_Pool& TAO_Thread_Lane::pool_ [private]

TAO_Thread_Lane_Resources TAO_Thread_Lane::resources_ [private]

CORBA::ULong TAO_Thread_Lane::static_threads_ [private]

TAO_Thread_Pool_Threads TAO_Thread_Lane::threads_ [private]

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