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TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping Class Reference

An implementation of the Priority_Mapping interface for communication between different platforms. More...

#include <Multi_Priority_Mapping.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping (int base_native_priority, int base_corba_priority, int priority_spacing=1, int priorities_contiguous=1, int policy=ACE_SCHED_FIFO)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping (void)
 The destructor.
virtual CORBA::Boolean to_native (RTCORBA::Priority corba_priority, RTCORBA::NativePriority &native_priority)
virtual CORBA::Boolean to_CORBA (RTCORBA::NativePriority native_priority, RTCORBA::Priority &corba_priority)

Private Attributes

int base_native_priority_
int base_corba_priority_
const int priority_spacing_
const int priorities_contiguous_
int policy_
 The scheduling policy.
int min_
int max_

Detailed Description

An implementation of the Priority_Mapping interface for communication between different platforms.

This implementation uses a custom mapping between the range of priorities for a given scheduling class (ACE_SCHED_OTHER, ACE_SCHED_FIFO, ACE_SCHED_RR) and the valid range of CORBA priorities (0...32767)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping::TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping int  base_native_priority,
int  base_corba_priority,
int  priority_spacing = 1,
int  priorities_contiguous = 1,
int  policy = ACE_SCHED_FIFO

Default constructor.

base_native_priority The native priority to use for the highest priority endpoint.
base_corba_priority The corba priority to use for the highest priority endpoint
priority_spacing The priority increment to use between endpoints
priorities_contiguous Some platforms do use contiguous priorities
policy The scheduling policy to use.

TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping::~TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping void   )  [virtual]

The destructor.

Member Function Documentation

CORBA::Boolean TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping::to_CORBA RTCORBA::NativePriority  native_priority,
RTCORBA::Priority corba_priority

Implements TAO_Priority_Mapping.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping::to_native RTCORBA::Priority  corba_priority,
RTCORBA::NativePriority native_priority

Implements TAO_Priority_Mapping.

Member Data Documentation

int TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping::base_corba_priority_ [private]

int TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping::base_native_priority_ [private]

int TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping::max_ [private]

int TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping::min_ [private]

int TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping::policy_ [private]

The scheduling policy.

const int TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping::priorities_contiguous_ [private]

const int TAO_Multi_Priority_Mapping::priority_spacing_ [private]

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