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TAO_Ignore_Original_Key_Adapter Class Reference

A key adapter (encode/decode) class. More...

#include <Key_Adapters.h>

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Public Member Functions

int encode (const PortableServer::ObjectId &original_key, const ACE_Active_Map_Manager_Key &active_key, PortableServer::ObjectId &modified_key)
int decode (const PortableServer::ObjectId &modified_key, ACE_Active_Map_Manager_Key &active_key)
int decode (const PortableServer::ObjectId &modified_key, PortableServer::ObjectId &original_key)

Detailed Description

A key adapter (encode/decode) class.

Define the encoding and decoding methods for converting between Object Ids and active keys. This class ignores the <original_key> passed to it.

Member Function Documentation

int TAO_Ignore_Original_Key_Adapter::decode const PortableServer::ObjectId modified_key,
PortableServer::ObjectId original_key

int TAO_Ignore_Original_Key_Adapter::decode const PortableServer::ObjectId modified_key,
ACE_Active_Map_Manager_Key active_key

int TAO_Ignore_Original_Key_Adapter::encode const PortableServer::ObjectId original_key,
const ACE_Active_Map_Manager_Key active_key,
PortableServer::ObjectId modified_key

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