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IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding Exception Reference

#include <IOP_CodecC.h>

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Public Member Functions

 InvalidTypeForEncoding (void)
 InvalidTypeForEncoding (const InvalidTypeForEncoding &)
 ~InvalidTypeForEncoding (void)
InvalidTypeForEncodingoperator= (const InvalidTypeForEncoding &)
virtual CORBA::Exception_tao_duplicate (void) const
 Deep copy.
virtual void _raise (void) const
virtual void _tao_encode (TAO_OutputCDR &ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL) const
virtual void _tao_decode (TAO_InputCDR &ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL)
virtual CORBA::TypeCode_ptr _tao_type (void) const
 Will be overridden in the concrete derived classes.

Static Public Member Functions

void _tao_any_destructor (void *)
 Used in the non-copying Any insertion operator.
InvalidTypeForEncoding_downcast (CORBA::Exception *)
 The narrow operation.
const InvalidTypeForEncoding_downcast (CORBA::Exception const *)
 The const version of narrow operation.
CORBA::Exception_alloc (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::InvalidTypeForEncoding void   ) 

IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::InvalidTypeForEncoding const InvalidTypeForEncoding  ) 

IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::~InvalidTypeForEncoding void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

CORBA::Exception * IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::_alloc void   )  [static]

const IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding * IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::_downcast CORBA::Exception const *   )  [static]

The const version of narrow operation.

Reimplemented from CORBA::UserException.

IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding * IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::_downcast CORBA::Exception  )  [static]

The narrow operation.

Reimplemented from CORBA::UserException.

void IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::_raise void   )  const [virtual]

Implements CORBA::UserException.

void IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::_tao_any_destructor void *   )  [static]

Used in the non-copying Any insertion operator.

Reimplemented from CORBA::Exception.

void IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::_tao_decode TAO_InputCDR ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL  )  [virtual]

CORBA::Exception * IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::_tao_duplicate void   )  const [virtual]

Deep copy.

The following operation is used in the implementation of it performs a deep copy of the exception, normally it is implemented as:

 class SomeException : public // Derives from CORBA::Exception
   virtual CORBA::Exception *_tao_duplicate (void) const
     return new SomeException (*this);

Implements CORBA::Exception.

void IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::_tao_encode TAO_OutputCDR ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL  )  const [virtual]

CORBA::TypeCode_ptr IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::_tao_type void   )  const [virtual]

Will be overridden in the concrete derived classes.

Reimplemented from CORBA::Exception.

InvalidTypeForEncoding& IOP::Codec::InvalidTypeForEncoding::operator= const InvalidTypeForEncoding  ) 

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