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CosNotifyComm::StructuredPushConsumer Interface Reference

Defines the interface used by push-style consumers of structured events. More...

import "CosNotifyComm.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void push_structured_event (in CosNotification::StructuredEvent notification) raises (CosEventComm::Disconnected)
 Receive one structured event.
void disconnect_structured_push_consumer ()
 The peer has disconnected.

Detailed Description

Defines the interface used by push-style consumers of structured events.

Push-style consumers passively receive events from the Notification Service. The events are provided using the CosNotification::StructuredEvent structure.

Member Function Documentation

void CosNotifyComm::StructuredPushConsumer::disconnect_structured_push_consumer  ) 

The peer has disconnected.

This operation is invoked by the consumer peer when it wishes to disconnect. The consumer can safely assume that no more events will follow this request.

void CosNotifyComm::StructuredPushConsumer::push_structured_event in CosNotification::StructuredEvent  notification  )  raises (CosEventComm::Disconnected)

Receive one structured event.

This operation is invoked to provide one event to the consumer.

CosEventComm::Disconnected if the object considers itself no longer connected to its peer.

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