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TAO_Services_Activate Class Reference

A class to dynamically load callback implementations in to an ORB. More...

#include <Services_Activate.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~TAO_Services_Activate (void)
 The destructor.
virtual TAO_Service_Callbacksactivate_services (TAO_ORB_Core *orb)=0 throw (CORBA::SystemException)

Detailed Description

A class to dynamically load callback implementations in to an ORB.

Many services and components of the ORB whose default behaviour needs to be changed can use this class to activate the Callback hooks. These hooks can then be called by the ORB at the right points. @ TODO

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Services_Activate::~TAO_Services_Activate void   )  [virtual]

The destructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual TAO_Service_Callbacks* TAO_Services_Activate::activate_services TAO_ORB_Core orb  )  throw (CORBA::SystemException) [pure virtual]

Create and activate the service callbacks into the orb. This method cannot throw any exception, but it can return a nil object to indicate an error condition.

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