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TAO::TkResource_Loader Class Reference

Loads TAO resources related with Tk. More...

#include <TkResource_Loader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TkResource_Loader ()
virtual ~TkResource_Loader ()

Detailed Description

Loads TAO resources related with Tk.

This class changes the default reactor implementation into ACE_TkReactor one by calling TAO_ORB_Core::set_gui_resource_factory. User should create an instance of this class before ORB_init when the TAO server has has to be integrated within Tk event loop.

Please notice, this class has to be created in the main Tk thread, because set_gui_resource_factory creates a variable in TSS. This way TkReactor is instantiated only in Tk event loop thread.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::TkResource_Loader::TkResource_Loader  ) 

TAO::TkResource_Loader::~TkResource_Loader  )  [virtual]

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