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TAO::Refcounted_ObjectKey Class Reference

A wrapper class that ties together a refcount to an ObjectKey. More...

#include <Refcounted_ObjectKey.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Refcounted_ObjectKey (const ObjectKey &ref)
const ObjectKeyobject_key (void) const
 Accessor for the underlying ObjectKey.

Protected Member Functions

 ~Refcounted_ObjectKey (void)
 Protected destructor.
long incr_refcount (void)
 Methods for incrementing and decrementing refcounts.
long decr_refcount (void)

Private Attributes

ObjectKey object_key_
 The object key.
long ref_count_
 The refcount on the object key..


class ObjectKey_Table

Detailed Description

A wrapper class that ties together a refcount to an ObjectKey.

The refounts in this class is manipulated within the context of the lock in the TAO::ObjectKey_Table. Manipulating the refcounts from anywhere else is strictly forbidden.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::Refcounted_ObjectKey::Refcounted_ObjectKey const ObjectKey ref  ) 


TAO::Refcounted_ObjectKey::~Refcounted_ObjectKey void   )  [protected]

Protected destructor.

Member Function Documentation

long TAO::Refcounted_ObjectKey::decr_refcount void   )  [protected]

ACE_INLINE long TAO::Refcounted_ObjectKey::incr_refcount void   )  [protected]

Methods for incrementing and decrementing refcounts.

ACE_INLINE const TAO::ObjectKey & TAO::Refcounted_ObjectKey::object_key void   )  const

Accessor for the underlying ObjectKey.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ObjectKey_Table [friend]

Member Data Documentation

ObjectKey TAO::Refcounted_ObjectKey::object_key_ [private]

The object key.

long TAO::Refcounted_ObjectKey::ref_count_ [private]

The refcount on the object key..

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