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CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Node Class Reference

#include <Assembly_Spec.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Node (const char *id=0)
 Default constructor.
virtual int accept (Visitor &v ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL_WITH_DEFAULTS)
 Accepting a visitor.
virtual ~Node ()
void usagename (const char *un)
const char * usagename (void) const
const char * id (void) const

Public Attributes

 Double linked list required internal data.

Protected Attributes

ACE_CString id_
 Node ID.
ACE_CString usagename_
 Usage information.

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for placement information

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_INLINE CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Node::Node const char *  id = 0  ) 

Default constructor.

CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Node::~Node  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual int CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Node::accept Visitor &v  ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL_WITH_DEFAULTS  )  [virtual]

Accepting a visitor.

Reimplemented in CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Container, CIAO::Assembly_Placement::componentinstantiation, CIAO::Assembly_Placement::homeplacement, CIAO::Assembly_Placement::hostcollocation, and CIAO::Assembly_Placement::processcollocation.

ACE_INLINE const char * CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Node::id void   )  const

ACE_INLINE const char * CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Node::usagename void   )  const

ACE_INLINE void CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Node::usagename const char *  un  ) 

Member Data Documentation

ACE_CString CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Node::id_ [protected]

Node ID.

Node* CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Node::next_

Node* CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Node::prev_

Double linked list required internal data.

ACE_CString CIAO::Assembly_Placement::Node::usagename_ [protected]

Usage information.

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