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CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info Class Reference

#include <Assembly_Spec.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IF_Resolver_Info (IF_Resolution_Method type, const char *info, IF_Resolver_Info *nested=0)
 ~IF_Resolver_Info ()
IF_Resolution_Method resolver_type (void) const
const char * resolver_info (void) const
 The string we use to resolve the interface.
IF_Resolver_Infonested_resolver (void)
 Return a nested resolver this resolver depends on.
void * traderquery (void) const

Protected Attributes

IF_Resolution_Method resolver_type_
 Hints the kind of resolve info.
ACE_CString resolver_info_
 Information this info contains.
 Dependent resolver info.
void * traderquery_
 @ Future placeholder for trader query info.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_INLINE CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info::IF_Resolver_Info IF_Resolution_Method  type,
const char *  info,
IF_Resolver_Info nested = 0

ACE_INLINE CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info::~IF_Resolver_Info  ) 

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info * CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info::nested_resolver void   ) 

Return a nested resolver this resolver depends on.

ACE_INLINE const char * CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info::resolver_info void   )  const

The string we use to resolve the interface.

ACE_INLINE CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolution_Method CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info::resolver_type void   )  const

ACE_INLINE void * CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info::traderquery void   )  const

Return the trader structure. (Not implemented yet. therefore, we are returning void * for now.)

Member Data Documentation

IF_Resolver_Info* CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info::nested_resolver_ [protected]

Dependent resolver info.

ACE_CString CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info::resolver_info_ [protected]

Information this info contains.

IF_Resolution_Method CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info::resolver_type_ [protected]

Hints the kind of resolve info.

void* CIAO::Assembly_Connection::IF_Resolver_Info::traderquery_ [protected]

@ Future placeholder for trader query info.


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