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AVStreams::MCastConfigIf Interface Reference

Interface for multicasting operations. More...

import "AVStreams.idl";

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Public Member Functions

boolean set_peer (in Object peer, inout streamQoS the_qos, in flowSpec the_spec) raises (QoSRequestFailed, streamOpFailed)
 Set a peer in the multicast tree.
void configure (in CosPropertyService::Property a_configuration)
 Configure the multicast stream.
void set_initial_configuration (in CosPropertyService::Properties initial)
 Sets the initial configuration to be used for all added peers.
void set_format (in string flowName, in string format_name) raises (notSupported)
void set_dev_params (in string flowName, in CosPropertyService::Properties new_params) raises (PropertyException, streamOpFailed)

Detailed Description

Interface for multicasting operations.

Member Function Documentation

void AVStreams::MCastConfigIf::configure in CosPropertyService::Property  a_configuration  ) 

Configure the multicast stream.

void AVStreams::MCastConfigIf::set_dev_params in string  flowName,
in CosPropertyService::Properties  new_params
raises (PropertyException, streamOpFailed)

Note, some of these device params are standardised by OMG Multicasting operations are not supported yet.

void AVStreams::MCastConfigIf::set_format in string  flowName,
in string  format_name
raises (notSupported)

Uses <format_name> standardised by OMG and IETF Multicasting operations are not supported yet.

void AVStreams::MCastConfigIf::set_initial_configuration in CosPropertyService::Properties  initial  ) 

Sets the initial configuration to be used for all added peers.

boolean AVStreams::MCastConfigIf::set_peer in Object  peer,
inout streamQoS  the_qos,
in flowSpec  the_spec
raises (QoSRequestFailed, streamOpFailed)

Set a peer in the multicast tree.

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