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TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry Class Reference

#include <Transport.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry (void)
 ~TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry (void)
int open (TAO_Base_StreamEndPoint *endpoint, TAO_AV_Core *av_core, TAO_AV_FlowSpecSet &flow_spec_set)
int close (TAO_AV_Acceptor *acceptor)
int close_all (void)
TAO_AV_AcceptorSetItor begin (void)
TAO_AV_AcceptorSetItor end (void)

Protected Member Functions

int open_default (TAO_Base_StreamEndPoint *endpoint, TAO_AV_Core *av_core, TAO_FlowSpec_Entry *entry)

Protected Attributes

TAO_AV_AcceptorSet acceptors_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry::TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry void   ) 

TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry::~TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE TAO_AV_AcceptorSetItor TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry::begin void   ) 

int TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry::close TAO_AV_Acceptor acceptor  ) 

int TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry::close_all void   ) 

ACE_INLINE TAO_AV_AcceptorSetItor TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry::end void   ) 

int TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry::open TAO_Base_StreamEndPoint endpoint,
TAO_AV_Core av_core,
TAO_AV_FlowSpecSet flow_spec_set

int TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry::open_default TAO_Base_StreamEndPoint endpoint,
TAO_AV_Core av_core,
TAO_FlowSpec_Entry entry

Member Data Documentation

TAO_AV_AcceptorSet TAO_AV_Acceptor_Registry::acceptors_ [protected]

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