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ACEXML_LocatorImpl Class Reference

ACEXML_LocatorImpl is an implementation of ACEXML_Locator. More...

#include <ACEXML/common/LocatorImpl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACEXML_LocatorImpl (void)
 ACEXML_LocatorImpl (const ACEXML_Char *systemId, const ACEXML_Char *publicId)
 ACEXML_LocatorImpl (const ACEXML_Locator &locator)
virtual ~ACEXML_LocatorImpl (void)
virtual int getColumnNumber (void) const
virtual int getLineNumber (void) const
virtual const ACEXML_ChargetPublicId (void) const
virtual const ACEXML_ChargetSystemId (void) const
void setColumnNumber (int cn)
void setLineNumber (int ln)
void setPublicId (const ACEXML_Char *id)
void setSystemId (const ACEXML_Char *id)
void incrLineNumber ()
void incrColumnNumber ()
void reset (void)

Private Attributes

int lineNumber_
int columnNumber_

Detailed Description

ACEXML_LocatorImpl is an implementation of ACEXML_Locator.

This class is available mainly for application writers, who can use it to make a persistent snapshot of a locator at any point during a document parse:

   ACEXML_Locator locator;
   ACEXML_Locator startloc;

   public void setLocator (ACEXML_Locator locator)
      // note the locator
      this.locator = locator;

   public void startDocument ()
      // save the location of the start of the document
      // for future use.
      ACEXML_Locator startloc = new ACEXML_LocatorImpl(locator);

Normally, parser writers will not use this class, since it is more efficient to provide location information only when requested, rather than constantly updating a Locator object.

ACEXML parser doesn't support the use of Locator yet.
See also:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACEXML_LocatorImpl::ACEXML_LocatorImpl void   ) 

ACEXML_LocatorImpl::ACEXML_LocatorImpl const ACEXML_Char systemId,
const ACEXML_Char publicId

Construct a locator with systemId and publicId

ACEXML_LocatorImpl::ACEXML_LocatorImpl const ACEXML_Locator locator  ) 

Copy constructor. Create a persistent copy of the current state of a locator. When the original locator changes, this copy will still keep the original values (and it can be used outside the scope of DocumentHandler methods).

ACEXML_LocatorImpl::~ACEXML_LocatorImpl void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

ACEXML_INLINE int ACEXML_LocatorImpl::getColumnNumber void   )  const [virtual]

Implements ACEXML_Locator.

ACEXML_INLINE int ACEXML_LocatorImpl::getLineNumber void   )  const [virtual]

Implements ACEXML_Locator.

ACEXML_INLINE const ACEXML_Char * ACEXML_LocatorImpl::getPublicId void   )  const [virtual]

Implements ACEXML_Locator.

ACEXML_INLINE const ACEXML_Char * ACEXML_LocatorImpl::getSystemId void   )  const [virtual]

Implements ACEXML_Locator.

ACEXML_INLINE void ACEXML_LocatorImpl::incrColumnNumber  ) 

ACEXML_INLINE void ACEXML_LocatorImpl::incrLineNumber  ) 

void ACEXML_LocatorImpl::reset void   ) 

ACEXML_INLINE void ACEXML_LocatorImpl::setColumnNumber int  cn  ) 

ACEXML_INLINE void ACEXML_LocatorImpl::setLineNumber int  ln  ) 

ACEXML_INLINE void ACEXML_LocatorImpl::setPublicId const ACEXML_Char id  ) 

ACEXML_INLINE void ACEXML_LocatorImpl::setSystemId const ACEXML_Char id  ) 

Member Data Documentation

int ACEXML_LocatorImpl::columnNumber_ [private]

int ACEXML_LocatorImpl::lineNumber_ [private]

ACEXML_Char* ACEXML_LocatorImpl::publicId_ [private]

ACEXML_Char* ACEXML_LocatorImpl::systemId_ [private]

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