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ACEXML_FileCharStream Class Reference

#include <ACEXML/common/FileCharStream.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACEXML_FileCharStream (void)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~ACEXML_FileCharStream (void)
int open (const ACEXML_Char *name)
 Open a file.
virtual int available (void)
virtual int close (void)
virtual int get (ACEXML_Char &ch)
virtual int read (ACEXML_Char *str, size_t len)
virtual int determine_encoding (void)
virtual int peek (void)
virtual void rewind (void)
virtual const ACEXML_ChargetEncoding (void)
virtual const ACEXML_ChargetSystemId (void)

Private Member Functions

int getchar_i (char &ch)

Private Attributes

off_t size_
FILE * infile_
ACEXML_Char peek_

Detailed Description

An implementation of ACEXML_CharStream for reading input from a file.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACEXML_FileCharStream::ACEXML_FileCharStream void   ) 

Default constructor.

ACEXML_FileCharStream::~ACEXML_FileCharStream void   )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

int ACEXML_FileCharStream::available void   )  [virtual]

Returns the available ACEXML_Char in the buffer. -1 if the object is not initialized properly.

Implements ACEXML_CharStream.

int ACEXML_FileCharStream::close void   )  [virtual]

Close this stream and release all resources used by it.

Implements ACEXML_CharStream.

int ACEXML_FileCharStream::determine_encoding void   )  [virtual]

Determine the encoding of the file.

int ACEXML_FileCharStream::get ACEXML_Char ch  )  [virtual]

Read the next ACEXML_Char. Return -1 if we are not able to return an ACEXML_Char, 0 if succees.

Implements ACEXML_CharStream.

int ACEXML_FileCharStream::getchar_i char &  ch  )  [private]

Read the next character as a normal character. Return -1 if EOF is reached, else return 0.

const ACEXML_Char * ACEXML_FileCharStream::getEncoding void   )  [virtual]

Implements ACEXML_CharStream.

const ACEXML_Char * ACEXML_FileCharStream::getSystemId void   )  [virtual]

Implements ACEXML_CharStream.

int ACEXML_FileCharStream::open const ACEXML_Char name  ) 

Open a file.

int ACEXML_FileCharStream::peek void   )  [virtual]

Peek the next ACEXML_Char in the CharStream. Return the character if success, -1 if EOF is reached.

Implements ACEXML_CharStream.

int ACEXML_FileCharStream::read ACEXML_Char str,
size_t  len

Read the next batch of ACEXML_Char strings

Implements ACEXML_CharStream.

void ACEXML_FileCharStream::rewind void   )  [virtual]

Resets the file pointer to the beginning of the stream.

Implements ACEXML_CharStream.

Member Data Documentation

ACEXML_Char* ACEXML_FileCharStream::encoding_ [private]

ACEXML_Char* ACEXML_FileCharStream::filename_ [private]

FILE* ACEXML_FileCharStream::infile_ [private]

ACEXML_Char ACEXML_FileCharStream::peek_ [private]

off_t ACEXML_FileCharStream::size_ [private]

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