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ACEXML_Entity_Manager Class Reference

Class to manage and resolve entity references. More...

#include <ACEXML/parser/parser/Entity_Manager.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACEXML_Entity_Manager (void)
 Default constructor.
 ~ACEXML_Entity_Manager (void)
int add_entity (const ACEXML_Char *ref, const ACEXML_Char *value)
 Add a new entity declaration.
const ACEXML_Charresolve_entity (const ACEXML_Char *ref)
 Resolve an entity reference.
int resolve_entity (const ACEXML_Char *ref, ACEXML_Char *&systemId, ACEXML_Char *&publicId)
size_t size (void) const
 Number of items in the Entity Manager.
int reset (void)
 Reset the state.

Private Attributes

bool init_

Detailed Description

Class to manage and resolve entity references.

Fill in details for this class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACEXML_Entity_Manager::ACEXML_Entity_Manager void   ) 

Default constructor.

ACEXML_Entity_Manager::~ACEXML_Entity_Manager void   ) 


Member Function Documentation

ACEXML_INLINE int ACEXML_Entity_Manager::add_entity const ACEXML_Char ref,
const ACEXML_Char value

Add a new entity declaration.

ACEXML_INLINE int ACEXML_Entity_Manager::reset void   ) 

Reset the state.

ACEXML_INLINE int ACEXML_Entity_Manager::resolve_entity const ACEXML_Char ref,
ACEXML_Char *&  systemId,
ACEXML_Char *&  publicId

Resolve an entity reference and return the tuple of systemId and publicId

ACEXML_INLINE const ACEXML_Char * ACEXML_Entity_Manager::resolve_entity const ACEXML_Char ref  ) 

Resolve an entity reference.

ACEXML_INLINE size_t ACEXML_Entity_Manager::size void   )  const

Number of items in the Entity Manager.

Member Data Documentation

ACEXML_ENTITIES_MANAGER* ACEXML_Entity_Manager::entities_ [private]

bool ACEXML_Entity_Manager::init_ [private]

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