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ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder Class Reference

#include <Attributes_Def_Builder.h>

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Public Types

typedef auto_ptr< ACEXML_Attributes_Def_BuilderVAR

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder ()=0
virtual int setElement (const ACEXML_Char *namespaceURI, const ACEXML_Char *localName, const ACEXML_Char *qName ACEXML_ENV_ARG_DECL) ACE_THROW_SPEC((ACEXML_SAXException))=0
virtual ACEXML_Attribute_Def_BuildergetAttribute_Def_Builder ()=0
virtual int insertAttribute (ACEXML_Attribute_Def_Builder *def ACEXML_ENV_ARG_DECL)=0
virtual void dump (void)=0

Detailed Description

@ class ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder Attributes_Def_Builder.h "common/Attributes_Def_Builder.h"

@ brief An abstract virtual class defining an interface for building attribute definitions from DTD.

This class should be invisible to application programmers and is only used for validator implementors.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef auto_ptr<ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder> ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder::VAR

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder::~ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder  )  [pure virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder::dump void   )  [pure virtual]

Dump the content of the attribute definition.

Implemented in ACEXML_Debug_Attributes_Builder.

virtual ACEXML_Attribute_Def_Builder* ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder::getAttribute_Def_Builder  )  [pure virtual]

Acquire an Attribute_Builder.

Implemented in ACEXML_Debug_Attributes_Builder.

virtual int ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder::insertAttribute ACEXML_Attribute_Def_Builder *def  ACEXML_ENV_ARG_DECL  )  [pure virtual]

Add a definition for one attribute.

Implemented in ACEXML_Debug_Attributes_Builder.

virtual int ACEXML_Attributes_Def_Builder::setElement const ACEXML_Char namespaceURI,
const ACEXML_Char localName,
[pure virtual]

Set the element name that the attribute builder applies.

Return values:
0 if valid, -1 otherwise.

Implemented in ACEXML_Debug_Attributes_Builder.

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