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ACE_Name_Reply::Transfer Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

ACE_UINT32 length_
 Length of entire reply.
ACE_INT32 type_
 Type of the reply, i.e., success (0) or failure (-1).
ACE_UINT32 errno_

Member Data Documentation

ACE_UINT32 ACE_Name_Reply::Transfer::errno_

Indicates why error occurred if <this->type_> == failure (-1). Typical reasons include: <etime> (if the client timed out after waiting for the name).

ACE_UINT32 ACE_Name_Reply::Transfer::length_

Length of entire reply.

ACE_INT32 ACE_Name_Reply::Transfer::type_

Type of the reply, i.e., success (0) or failure (-1).

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