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ACE_Utils Namespace Reference


struct  ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor_Ref< X, Functor >
 Helper class to implement assignment and copy-construction as expected. More...
class  ACE_Utils::Auto_Functor< X, Functor >
 Helper template to implement auto_ptr<>-like classes, but executing a functor in the destructor, instead of always deleting things. More...
class  ACE_Utils::UUID_node
 Class to hold a MAC address. More...
class  ACE_Utils::UUID
class  ACE_Utils::UUID_Generator
struct  ACE_Utils::UUID_Generator::UUID_State
class  ACE_Utils::ACE_UUID
class  ACE_Utils::ACE_UUID_Generator


typedef ACE_Singleton< UUID_Generator,

Typedef Documentation

typedef ACE_Singleton<UUID_Generator, ACE_SYNCH_MUTEX> ACE_Utils::UUID_GENERATOR

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