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ACE_Reactive_MEM_IO Class Reference

#include <MEM_IO.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_Reactive_MEM_IO (void)
virtual ~ACE_Reactive_MEM_IO (void)
virtual int init (ACE_HANDLE handle, const ACE_TCHAR *name, MALLOC_OPTIONS *options)
virtual ssize_t recv_buf (ACE_MEM_SAP_Node *&buf, int flags, const ACE_Time_Value *timeout)
virtual ssize_t send_buf (ACE_MEM_SAP_Node *buf, int flags, const ACE_Time_Value *timeout)
ssize_t get_buf_len (const off_t off, ACE_MEM_SAP_Node *&buf)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_INLINE ACE_Reactive_MEM_IO::ACE_Reactive_MEM_IO void   ) 

ACE_Reactive_MEM_IO::~ACE_Reactive_MEM_IO void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE ssize_t ACE_Reactive_MEM_IO::get_buf_len const off_t  off,
ACE_MEM_SAP_Node *&  buf

Convert the buffer offset <off> to absolute address to <buf>. Return the size of valid information containing in the <buf>, -1 if <shm_malloc_> is not initialized.

int ACE_Reactive_MEM_IO::init ACE_HANDLE  handle,
const ACE_TCHAR name,

Initialize the MEM_SAP object.

options is used to pass in the Malloc_Options to initialize underlying ACE_MMAP.

Implements ACE_MEM_SAP.

ssize_t ACE_Reactive_MEM_IO::recv_buf ACE_MEM_SAP_Node *&  buf,
int  flags,
const ACE_Time_Value timeout

Fetch location of next available data into <recv_buffer_>. As this operation read the address of the data off the socket using ACE::recv, <timeout> only applies to ACE::recv.

Implements ACE_MEM_SAP.

ssize_t ACE_Reactive_MEM_IO::send_buf ACE_MEM_SAP_Node buf,
int  flags,
const ACE_Time_Value timeout

Wait to to <timeout> amount of time to send <buf>. If <send> times out a -1 is returned with <errno == ETIME>. If it succeeds the number of bytes sent is returned.

Implements ACE_MEM_SAP.

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