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SecurityLevel2::AuditChannel Interface Reference

import "SecurityLevel2.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void audit_write (in Security::AuditEventType event_type, in CredentialsList creds, in Security::UtcT time, in Security::SelectorValueList descriptors, in any event_specific_data)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute Security::AuditChannelId audit_channel_id

Member Function Documentation

void SecurityLevel2::AuditChannel::audit_write in Security::AuditEventType  event_type,
in CredentialsList  creds,
in Security::UtcT  time,
in Security::SelectorValueList  descriptors,
in any  event_specific_data

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute Security::AuditChannelId SecurityLevel2::AuditChannel::audit_channel_id

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