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Constraint_Visitors.h File Reference

#include "orbsvcs/Trader/Interpreter_Utils.h"
#include "orbsvcs/Trader/trading_serv_export.h"
#include "ace/Containers.h"
#include "orbsvcs/Trader/Constraint_Nodes.h"

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class  TAO_Constraint_Visitor
 This is the base class for all visitors who wish to preform some operation from the state of the expression tree. Using double dispatching, subclasses of Constraint expression call back to the InterpreterVisitor subclass from the accept method. More...
class  TAO_Constraint_Validator
 TAO_Constraint_Validator ensures that in an expression tree passed to it, the operands of each operation match the correct types. More...
class  TAO_Constraint_Evaluator
 TAO_Constraint_Evaluator traverse a constraint expression tree, and determines whether an offer fits the constraints represented by the tree. More...
class  TAO_Constraint_Evaluator::Operand_Queue
class  TAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::Short >
class  TAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::UShort >
class  TAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::Long >
class  TAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::ULong >
class  TAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::Float >
class  TAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::Double >
class  TAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::Boolean >
class  TAO_Element_Equal< const char * >

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