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Pollable.pidl File Reference


namespace  CORBA


interface  CORBA::Pollable
interface  CORBA::DIIPollable
interface  CORBA::PollableSet
exception  CORBA::PollableSet::NoPossiblePollable
exception  CORBA::PollableSet::UnknownPollable

Detailed Description

Pollable.pidl,v 1.8 2004/04/13 10:25:09 jwillemsen Exp

This file was used to generate the code in Pollable{C,S,S_T}.{h,i,cpp}

The command used to generate code from this file is:

tao_idl -o orig -St -Gp -Gd -Ge 1 -GT -Wb,export_macro=TAO_Export -Wb,pre_include="ace/pre.h" -Wb,post_include="ace/post.h" Pollable.pidl

after the file is generated a patch must be applied. The patch fixes the interface repository IDs, disables the code under certain configurations, and eliminates cycles in the include dependencies. Those changes are required because the generated code is part of the TAO library, it hardly makes any sense to change the IDL compiler to support changes that are very occasional.

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