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Incoming_Message_Queue.cpp File Reference

#include "Incoming_Message_Queue.h"
#include "debug.h"
#include "ace/Log_Msg.h"
#include "ace/Malloc_Base.h"
#include "Incoming_Message_Queue.inl"

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const char * get_rcsid_tao_Incoming_Message_Queue (const char *)
ACE_Message_Blockclone_mb_nocopy_size (ACE_Message_Block *mb, size_t span_size)
 Allocate and return a new empty message block of size new_size mimicking parameters of mb.


const char * rcsid_tao_Incoming_Message_Queue = get_rcsid_tao_Incoming_Message_Queue ( rcsid_tao_Incoming_Message_Queue )

Function Documentation

ACE_Message_Block* clone_mb_nocopy_size ACE_Message_Block mb,
size_t  span_size

Allocate and return a new empty message block of size new_size mimicking parameters of mb.

This function allocates a new aligned message block using the same allocators and flags as found in mb. The size of the new message block is at least new_size; the size may be adjusted up in order to accomodate alignment requirements and still fit new_size bytes into the aligned buffer.

mb message block whose parameters should be mimicked
new_size size of the new message block (will be adjusted for proper alignment)
an aligned message block with rd_ptr sitting at correct alignment spot, 0 on failure
Thanks to Rich Seibel for helping implement the public API for ACE_Message_Block!

const char* get_rcsid_tao_Incoming_Message_Queue const char *   )  [inline, static]

Variable Documentation

const char* rcsid_tao_Incoming_Message_Queue = get_rcsid_tao_Incoming_Message_Queue ( rcsid_tao_Incoming_Message_Queue ) [static]

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