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TAO_PG_Factory_Node Struct Reference

Structure that contains all factory-specific information. More...

#include <PG_Factory_Set.h>

Collaboration diagram for TAO_PG_Factory_Node:

Collaboration graph
List of all members.

Public Attributes

PortableGroup::FactoryInfo factory_info
 Member factory information.
PortableGroup::GenericFactory::FactoryCreationId_var factory_creation_id
 FactoryCreationId assigned to the member.

Detailed Description

Structure that contains all factory-specific information.

Each member created by the infrastructure instead of the application will have a corresponding TAO_PG_Factory_Node structure associated with it. A list of these will be maintained by the infrastructure so that it is possible for the instrastructure to destroy members it created when destroying the object group.

Member Data Documentation

PortableGroup::GenericFactory::FactoryCreationId_var TAO_PG_Factory_Node::factory_creation_id

FactoryCreationId assigned to the member.

PortableGroup::FactoryInfo TAO_PG_Factory_Node::factory_info

Member factory information.

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