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TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler Class Reference

Handles requests on a single connection. More...

#include <UIPMC_Connection_Handler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler (ACE_Thread_Manager *t=0)
 TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler (TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core)
 ~TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler (void)
virtual int open_server (void)
int close (u_long=0)
int add_transport_to_cache (void)
 Add ourselves to Cache.
ACE_HANDLE get_handle (void) const
const ACE_INET_Addraddr (void)
void addr (const ACE_INET_Addr &addr)
const ACE_INET_Addrlocal_addr (void)
void local_addr (const ACE_INET_Addr &addr)
const ACE_INET_Addrserver_addr (void)
void server_addr (const ACE_INET_Addr &addr)
const ACE_SOCK_Dgramdgram (void)
const ACE_SOCK_Dgram_Mcastmcast_dgram (void)
Connection Handler overloads
virtual int open_handler (void *v)
Event Handler overloads
virtual int resume_handler (void)
virtual int close_connection (void)
virtual int handle_input (ACE_HANDLE)
virtual int handle_output (ACE_HANDLE)
virtual int handle_close (ACE_HANDLE, ACE_Reactor_Mask)
virtual int handle_timeout (const ACE_Time_Value &current_time, const void *act=0)
virtual int open (void *)

Protected Member Functions

TAO_Connection Handler overloads
virtual int release_os_resources (void)

Protected Attributes

ACE_SOCK_Dgram udp_socket_
 Client side UDP socket (send only).
ACE_SOCK_Dgram_Mcast mcast_socket_
 Server side Mcast UDP socket (receive only).
CORBA::Boolean using_mcast_
 Flag that specifies whether multicast is in use or not.
ACE_INET_Addr addr_
ACE_INET_Addr local_addr_

Detailed Description

Handles requests on a single connection.

The Connection handler which is common for the Acceptor and the Connector

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler ACE_Thread_Manager t = 0  ) 

TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler TAO_ORB_Core orb_core  ) 

Constructor. <arg> parameter is used by the Acceptor to pass the protocol configuration properties for this connection.

TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::~TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler void   ) 


Member Function Documentation

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::add_transport_to_cache void   ) 

Add ourselves to Cache.

void TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::addr const ACE_INET_Addr addr  ) 

const ACE_INET_Addr & TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::addr void   ) 

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::close u_long  = 0  )  [virtual]

Close called by the Acceptor or Connector when connection establishment fails.

Reimplemented from ACE_Svc_Handler<, >.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::close_connection void   )  [virtual]

Implements TAO_Connection_Handler.

const ACE_SOCK_Dgram & TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::dgram void   ) 

ACE_HANDLE TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::get_handle void   )  const [virtual]

Reimplemented from ACE_Svc_Handler<, >.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::handle_close ACE_HANDLE  ,

Reimplemented from ACE_Svc_Handler<, >.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::handle_input ACE_HANDLE   )  [virtual]

Implements TAO_Connection_Handler.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::handle_output ACE_HANDLE   )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from ACE_Event_Handler.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::handle_timeout const ACE_Time_Value current_time,
const void *  act = 0

Reimplemented from ACE_Svc_Handler<, >.

void TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::local_addr const ACE_INET_Addr addr  ) 

const ACE_INET_Addr & TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::local_addr void   ) 

const ACE_SOCK_Dgram_Mcast & TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::mcast_dgram void   ) 

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::open void *   )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from ACE_Svc_Handler<, >.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::open_handler void *  v  )  [virtual]

Implements TAO_Connection_Handler.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::open_server void   )  [virtual]

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::release_os_resources void   )  [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from TAO_Connection_Handler.

int TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::resume_handler void   )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from ACE_Event_Handler.

void TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::server_addr const ACE_INET_Addr addr  ) 

const ACE_INET_Addr& TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::server_addr void   ) 

Member Data Documentation

ACE_INET_Addr TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::addr_ [protected]

ACE_INET_Addr TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::local_addr_ [protected]

ACE_SOCK_Dgram_Mcast TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::mcast_socket_ [protected]

Server side Mcast UDP socket (receive only).

ACE_SOCK_Dgram TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::udp_socket_ [protected]

Client side UDP socket (send only).

CORBA::Boolean TAO_UIPMC_Connection_Handler::using_mcast_ [protected]

Flag that specifies whether multicast is in use or not.

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