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TAO_PG_Default_Property_Validator Class Reference

Default property validator implementation. More...

#include <PG_Default_Property_Validator.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_PG_Default_Property_Validator (void)
virtual ~TAO_PG_Default_Property_Validator (void)

Private Attributes

Pre-initialize property Names.
These properties are pre-initialized once to reduce property validation overhead. Note that the InitialNumberReplicas and MinimumNumberReplicas properties are not validated since there are no restrictions imposed by TAO's PortableGroup implementation regarding the number of such members.

PortableGroup::Name membership_
PortableGroup::Name factories_

Detailed Description

Default property validator implementation.

This Property_Validator verifies that all properties defined in the PortableGroup IDL module are valid. This property validator can be subclassed to validate a different property set.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_PG_Default_Property_Validator::TAO_PG_Default_Property_Validator void   ) 


TAO_PG_Default_Property_Validator::~TAO_PG_Default_Property_Validator void   )  [virtual]


Member Data Documentation

PortableGroup::Name TAO_PG_Default_Property_Validator::factories_ [private]

PortableGroup::Name TAO_PG_Default_Property_Validator::membership_ [private]

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