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TAO_PG::Properties_Encoder Class Reference

#include <PG_Properties_Encoder.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Properties_Encoder ()
 ~Properties_Encoder ()
 standard destructor
void add (const char *name, const PortableGroup::Value &value)
void encode (PortableGroup::Properties *property_set) const

Private Types

typedef ACE_Vector< NamedValue, 10 > NamedValueVec

Private Member Functions

 Properties_Encoder (const Properties_Encoder &rhs)
Properties_Encoderoperator= (const Properties_Encoder &rhs)

Private Attributes

NamedValueVec values_

Detailed Description

A helper to assemble a set of properties into a PortableGroup::Properties structure.

To use a Properties_Encoder: Create it. Add properties to it using the add method. Allocate a new PortableGroup::Properties. Use the encode method to transfer the properties into the PortableGroup::Properties.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ACE_Vector< NamedValue, 10 > TAO_PG::Properties_Encoder::NamedValueVec [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_PG::Properties_Encoder::Properties_Encoder  ) 

Construct an empty set of properties.

TAO_PG::Properties_Encoder::~Properties_Encoder  ) 

standard destructor

TAO_PG::Properties_Encoder::Properties_Encoder const Properties_Encoder rhs  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

void TAO_PG::Properties_Encoder::add const char *  name,
const PortableGroup::Value value

add a name/value property to the Properties_Encoder.

void TAO_PG::Properties_Encoder::encode PortableGroup::Properties property_set  )  const

Encode all properties in this Properties_Encoder into a PortableGroup::Properties.

Properties_Encoder& TAO_PG::Properties_Encoder::operator= const Properties_Encoder rhs  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

NamedValueVec TAO_PG::Properties_Encoder::values_ [private]

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