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TimeBase Namespace Reference

COS Time Service basic types. More...


struct  TimeBase::UtcT
 A timestamp in UTC time. More...
struct  TimeBase::IntervalT
 An UTC time interval. More...


typedef CORBA::ULongLong TimeT
 Time in TimeT is expressed in units of 100 nano seconds.
typedef TimeT InaccuracyT
 To express an error estimate for time.
typedef short TdfT
 Minutes of displacement from the Greenwich time.
typedef CORBA::ULongLong_out TimeT_out
typedef TimeT_out InaccuracyT_out
typedef CORBA::Short_out TdfT_out
typedef TAO_Fixed_Var_T< UtcTUtcT_var
typedef UtcTUtcT_out
typedef TAO_Fixed_Var_T< IntervalTIntervalT_var
typedef IntervalTIntervalT_out


::CORBA::TypeCode_ptr _tc_TimeT
::CORBA::TypeCode_ptr _tc_InaccuracyT
::CORBA::TypeCode_ptr _tc_TdfT
::CORBA::TypeCode_ptr _tc_UtcT
::CORBA::TypeCode_ptr _tc_IntervalT

Detailed Description

COS Time Service basic types.

The standard CORBA Time Service defines a number of data structures to manipulate and express time. Over time these data structures have found their way into core components of CORBA, such as CORBA Messaging, RT CORBA, etc.

Typedef Documentation

typedef TimeT TimeBase::InaccuracyT

To express an error estimate for time.

typedef TimeT_out TimeBase::InaccuracyT_out

typedef IntervalT& TimeBase::IntervalT_out

typedef TAO_Fixed_Var_T< IntervalT > TimeBase::IntervalT_var

typedef CORBA::Short TimeBase::TdfT

Minutes of displacement from the Greenwich time.

typedef CORBA::Short_out TimeBase::TdfT_out

typedef CORBA::ULongLong TimeBase::TimeT

Time in TimeT is expressed in units of 100 nano seconds.

In other words each TimeT is 10^-7 seconds. When used for absolute time 0 is to October 15, 1582. Please read the spec for further details.

typedef CORBA::ULongLong_out TimeBase::TimeT_out

typedef UtcT& TimeBase::UtcT_out

typedef TAO_Fixed_Var_T< UtcT > TimeBase::UtcT_var

Variable Documentation

TAO_NAMESPACE_STORAGE_CLASS::CORBA::TypeCode_ptr TimeBase::_tc_InaccuracyT

Initial value:


TAO_NAMESPACE_STORAGE_CLASS::CORBA::TypeCode_ptr TimeBase::_tc_IntervalT

Initial value:



Initial value:



Initial value:



Initial value:


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