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Event.h File Reference

#include "notify_serv_export.h"
#include "ace/Copy_Disabled.h"
#include "Refcountable.h"
#include "Refcountable_Guard_T.h"
#include "orbsvcs/Event_ForwarderS.h"
#include "orbsvcs/CosNotifyFilterC.h"
#include "orbsvcs/CosNotificationC.h"
#include "Property.h"
#include "Property_Boolean.h"
#include "Property_T.h"

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class  TAO_Notify_Event_var
 A Non-Copy version of the smart pointer that hides the constructors. More...
class  TAO_Notify_Event_Copy_var
class  TAO_Notify_Event
 A smart pointer that allows construction from a TAO_Notify_Event. More...


typedef TAO_Notify_Refcountable_Guard_T<

Typedef Documentation

typedef TAO_Notify_Refcountable_Guard_T<TAO_Notify_Event> TAO_Notify_Event_var_Base

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