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CIAO Namespace Reference


class  CIAO::AssemblyFactory_Impl
 Servant implementation for Components::Deployment::AssemblyFactory. More...
class  CIAO::Assembly_Impl
 Servant implementation for Components::Deployment::Assembly. More...
interface  CIAO::Assembly_Service
class  CIAO::Assembly_Service_Impl
struct  CIAO::_assembly_context
class  CIAO::Assembly_Builder_Visitor
 A visitor implementation that "build" up the application ACE_Hash_Map_Manager_Exby visiting nodes in an Assembly_Spec. More...
class  CIAO::Deployment_Configuration
 A class that provides strategies on deployment topology. More...
struct  CIAO::Deployment_Configuration::_activator_info


typedef CIAO::_assembly_context Assembly_Context

Typedef Documentation


This is a structure for collecting information of a running Assembly.

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