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TAO_Wait_On_Read Class Reference

#include <Wait_On_Read.h>

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Public Methods

 TAO_Wait_On_Read (TAO_Transport *transport)

virtual ~TAO_Wait_On_Read (void)

virtual int wait (ACE_Time_Value *max_wait_time, TAO_Synch_Reply_Dispatcher &rd)
virtual int register_handler (void)
virtual int non_blocking (void)

Detailed Description

Simply block on read() to wait for the reply.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Wait_On_Read::TAO_Wait_On_Read TAO_Transport   transport


TAO_Wait_On_Read::~TAO_Wait_On_Read void    [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

int TAO_Wait_On_Read::non_blocking void    [virtual]

Returns a value to indicate whether the transport needs to set the socket on which it is waiting to non-blocking mode or not.

Implements TAO_Wait_Strategy.

int TAO_Wait_On_Read::register_handler void    [virtual]

Register the handler needs with the reactor provided that it makes sense for the strategy.

Implements TAO_Wait_Strategy.

int TAO_Wait_On_Read::wait ACE_Time_Value   max_wait_time,
TAO_Synch_Reply_Dispatcher   rd

Base class virtual method. Wait till the <reply_received> flag is true or the time expires.

Implements TAO_Wait_Strategy.

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