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TAO_Protocol_Item Class Reference

#include <Resource_Factory.h>

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Public Methods

 TAO_Protocol_Item (const ACE_CString &name)
 ~TAO_Protocol_Item (void)
const ACE_CStringprotocol_name (void)
TAO_Protocol_Factoryfactory (void)
 return a pointer to the protocol factory.

void factory (TAO_Protocol_Factory *factory, int owner=0)
 set the factory pointer's value.

Private Methods

 TAO_Protocol_Item (const TAO_Protocol_Item &)
void operator= (const TAO_Protocol_Item &)

Private Attributes

ACE_CString name_
 protocol factory name.

 pointer to factory object.

int factory_owner_
 whether we own (and therefore have to delete) the factory object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Protocol_Item::TAO_Protocol_Item const ACE_CString   name

creator method, the protocol name can only be set when the object is created.

TAO_Protocol_Item::~TAO_Protocol_Item void   

destructor that deallocates the factory object if the Protocol_Item retains ownership.

TAO_Protocol_Item::TAO_Protocol_Item const TAO_Protocol_Item &    [private]

Member Function Documentation

void TAO_Protocol_Item::factory TAO_Protocol_Factory   factory,
int    owner = 0

set the factory pointer's value.

TAO_Protocol_Factory * TAO_Protocol_Item::factory void   

return a pointer to the protocol factory.

void TAO_Protocol_Item::operator= const TAO_Protocol_Item &    [private]

const ACE_CString & TAO_Protocol_Item::protocol_name void   

return a reference to the character representation of the protocol factories name.

Member Data Documentation

TAO_Protocol_Factory* TAO_Protocol_Item::factory_ [private]

pointer to factory object.

int TAO_Protocol_Item::factory_owner_ [private]

whether we own (and therefore have to delete) the factory object.

ACE_CString TAO_Protocol_Item::name_ [private]

protocol factory name.

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