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CORBA::Any Class Reference

Generic container for IDL types. More...

#include <Any.h>

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Public Types

typedef Any_ptr _ptr_type
typedef Any_var _var_type
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_boolean from_boolean
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_octet from_octet
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_char from_char
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_wchar from_wchar
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_string from_string
typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_wstring from_wstring
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_boolean to_boolean
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_char to_char
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_wchar to_wchar
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_octet to_octet
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_string to_string
typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_wstring to_wstring

Public Methods

 Any (void)
 Any (const Any &)
 ~Any (void)
Any & operator= (const Any &)
TAO::Any_Implimpl (void) const
void operator<<= (from_boolean)
 Insertion of the special types.

void operator<<= (from_char)
void operator<<= (from_wchar)
void operator<<= (from_octet)
void operator<<= (from_string)
void operator<<= (from_wstring)
Boolean operator>>= (to_boolean) const
 Extraction of the special types.

Boolean operator>>= (to_octet) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_char) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_wchar) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_string) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_wstring) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_object) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_abstract_base) const
Boolean operator>>= (to_value) const
void replace (TAO::Any_Impl *)
 TAO-specific signature.

TypeCode_ptr type (void) const
 Return TypeCode of the element stored in the Any.

void type (TypeCode_ptr ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL)
CORBA::TypeCode_ptr _tao_get_typecode (void) const
 TAO extension, does not return a duplicate.

void _tao_set_typecode (const CORBA::TypeCode_ptr)
 TAO extension.

ACE_Message_Block_tao_get_cdr (void) const
int _tao_byte_order (void) const
const voidvalue (void) const
 Spec-required method - not type safe.

Static Public Methods

void _tao_any_destructor (void *)
 Used in our destruction if we ourselves are stored in an Any.

Private Methods

CORBA::Boolean checked_to_object (CORBA::Object_ptr &) const
CORBA::Boolean checked_to_value (CORBA::ValueBase *&) const
CORBA::Boolean checked_to_abstract_base (CORBA::AbstractBase_ptr &) const
void operator<<= (unsigned char)
CORBA::Boolean operator>>= (unsigned char &) const

Private Attributes



class CORBA_NVList
class TAO_Marshal_Any

Detailed Description

Generic container for IDL types.

This is the top-level class of the Any implementation. It exposes the spec-required functionality, but is mostly a wrapper for one of the template classes below.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Any_ptr CORBA::Any::_ptr_type

typedef Any_var CORBA::Any::_var_type

typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_boolean CORBA::Any::from_boolean

These are needed for insertion and extraction of booleans, octets, chars, and bounded strings. CORBA spec requires that they be here, we just typedef to the already-defined ACE_OutputCDR types.

typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_char CORBA::Any::from_char

typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_octet CORBA::Any::from_octet

typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_string CORBA::Any::from_string

typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_wchar CORBA::Any::from_wchar

typedef ACE_OutputCDR::from_wstring CORBA::Any::from_wstring

typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_boolean CORBA::Any::to_boolean

These extract octets, chars, booleans, bounded strings, and object references. All these are defined in ACE_InputCDR.

typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_char CORBA::Any::to_char

typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_octet CORBA::Any::to_octet

typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_string CORBA::Any::to_string

typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_wchar CORBA::Any::to_wchar

typedef ACE_InputCDR::to_wstring CORBA::Any::to_wstring

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CORBA::Any::Any void   

CORBA::Any::Any const Any &   

CORBA::Any::~Any void   

Member Function Documentation

void CORBA::Any::_tao_any_destructor void   [static]

Used in our destruction if we ourselves are stored in an Any.

int CORBA::Any::_tao_byte_order void    const

ACE_Message_Block * CORBA::Any::_tao_get_cdr void    const

CORBA::TypeCode_ptr CORBA::Any::_tao_get_typecode void    const

TAO extension, does not return a duplicate.

void CORBA::Any::_tao_set_typecode const CORBA::TypeCode_ptr   

TAO extension.

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::checked_to_abstract_base CORBA::AbstractBase_ptr   const [private]

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::checked_to_object CORBA::Object_ptr   const [private]

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::checked_to_value CORBA::ValueBase *&    const [private]

ACE_INLINE TAO::Any_Impl * CORBA::Any::impl void    const

void CORBA::Any::operator<<= unsigned    char [private]

void CORBA::Any::operator<<= from_wstring   

void CORBA::Any::operator<<= from_string   

void CORBA::Any::operator<<= from_octet   

void CORBA::Any::operator<<= from_wchar   

void CORBA::Any::operator<<= from_char   

void CORBA::Any::operator<<= from_boolean   

Insertion of the special types.

CORBA::Any & CORBA::Any::operator= const Any &   

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= unsigned char &    const [private]

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= to_value    const

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= to_abstract_base    const

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= to_object    const

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= to_wstring    const

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= to_string    const

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= to_wchar    const

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= to_char    const

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= to_octet    const

CORBA::Boolean CORBA::Any::operator>>= to_boolean    const

Extraction of the special types.

void CORBA::Any::replace TAO::Any_Impl  

TAO-specific signature.

void CORBA::Any::type TypeCode_ptr    ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL

For use along with <<= of a value of aliased type when the alias must be preserved.

CORBA::TypeCode_ptr CORBA::Any::type void    const

Return TypeCode of the element stored in the Any.

const void * CORBA::Any::value void    const

Spec-required method - not type safe.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class CORBA_NVList [friend]

friend class TAO_Marshal_Any [friend]

Member Data Documentation

TAO::Any_Impl* CORBA::Any::impl_ [private]

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