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ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator Class Reference

An iterator over the OS-defined scheduling priorities. More...

#include <Sched_Params.h>

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Public Methods

 ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator (const ACE_Sched_Params::Policy &policy, int scope=ACE_SCOPE_THREAD)
 ~ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator (void)
 Default dtor.

int more (void) const
 Check if there are more priorities.

int priority (void) const
 Return the current priority.

void next (void)
const ACE_Sched_Params::Policypolicy (void) const
 Accessor for the scheduling policy over which we are iterating.

int scope (void) const
 Accessor for the scheduling.

Private Attributes

ACE_Sched_Params::Policy policy_
int scope_
int priority_
 The current priority.

int done_

Detailed Description

An iterator over the OS-defined scheduling priorities.

The order of priorities (numeric value vs. importance) is OS dependant, it can be the case that the priorities are not even contigous. This class permits iteration over priorities using the iterator pattern.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_INLINE ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator::ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator const ACE_Sched_Params::Policy   policy,
int    scope = ACE_SCOPE_THREAD

Initialize the iterator, the arguments define the scheduling policy and scope for the priorities (see ACE_Sched_Param).

ACE_INLINE ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator::~ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator void   

Default dtor.

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE int ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator::more void    const

Check if there are more priorities.

ACE_INLINE void ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator::next void   

Move to the next priority. The iteration is from lowest to highest importance.

ACE_INLINE const ACE_Sched_Params::Policy & ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator::policy void    const

Accessor for the scheduling policy over which we are iterating.

ACE_INLINE int ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator::priority void    const

Return the current priority.

ACE_INLINE int ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator::scope void    const

Accessor for the scheduling.

Member Data Documentation

int ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator::done_ [private]

This is set to 1 when there are no more priorities. Cannot easily compare against the highest priority on platforms were priorities are non-contigous or descending.

ACE_Sched_Params::Policy ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator::policy_ [private]

The Scheduling policy (FIFO, RR, etc.) and scheduling scope (PROCESS, SYSTEM) we are iterating on.

int ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator::priority_ [private]

The current priority.

int ACE_Sched_Priority_Iterator::scope_ [private]

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