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ACE_Registry Class Reference

A Name Server implementation. More...

#include <Registry.h>

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Public Types

typedef ACE_Unbounded_Set<
 A Name is an ordered collections of components (ids).

typedef ACE_Unbounded_Set<
enum  Binding_Type { INVALID, OBJECT, CONTEXT }
 There are two types of bindings. More...

Static Public Methods

ACE_TString make_string (const Name &name)
 Convert a <name> to a <string>.

Name make_name (const ACE_TString &string)
 Convert a <string> to a <name>.

Static Public Attributes

 Separator for components in a name.

Detailed Description

A Name Server implementation.

The registry interface is inspired by the interface specified in the CORBA Naming Service Specification. The implementation is done through Win32 <Reg*> functions. Other than providing an OO wrapper for the Win32 <Reg*> functions, ACE_Registry provides an abstraction for iteration over the elements of the Registry.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ACE_Unbounded_Set<Binding> ACE_Registry::Binding_List

typedef ACE_Unbounded_Set<Name_Component> ACE_Registry::Name

A Name is an ordered collections of components (ids).

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ACE_Registry::Binding_Type

There are two types of bindings.

Enumeration values:

Member Function Documentation

ACE_Registry::Name ACE_Registry::make_name const ACE_TString   string [static]

Convert a <string> to a <name>.

ACE_TString ACE_Registry::make_string const Name   name [static]

Convert a <name> to a <string>.

Member Data Documentation

const ACE_TCHAR * ACE_Registry::STRING_SEPARATOR = ACE_LIB_TEXT ("\\") [static]

Separator for components in a name.

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