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ACE_Null_Barrier Class Reference

Implements "NULL barrier synchronization". More...

#include <Null_Barrier.h>

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Public Methods

 ACE_Null_Barrier (unsigned int, const char *=0, void *=0)
 Initialize the barrier to synchronize <count> threads.

 ~ACE_Null_Barrier (void)
 Default dtor.

int wait (void)
void dump (void) const
 Dump the state of an object.

Private Methods

void operator= (const ACE_Null_Barrier &)
 Declare the dynamic allocation hooks.

 ACE_Null_Barrier (const ACE_Null_Barrier &)

Detailed Description

Implements "NULL barrier synchronization".

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Null_Barrier::ACE_Null_Barrier unsigned    int,
const char *    = 0,
void *    = 0

Initialize the barrier to synchronize <count> threads.

ACE_Null_Barrier::~ACE_Null_Barrier void    [inline]

Default dtor.

ACE_Null_Barrier::ACE_Null_Barrier const ACE_Null_Barrier &    [private]

Member Function Documentation

void ACE_Null_Barrier::dump void    const [inline]

Dump the state of an object.

void ACE_Null_Barrier::operator= const ACE_Null_Barrier &    [private]

Declare the dynamic allocation hooks.

int ACE_Null_Barrier::wait void    [inline]

Block the caller until all <count> threads have called <wait> and then allow all the caller threads to continue in parallel.

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